At 1905 Automation, it’s our belief that we boost our customer’s ideas through technologically advanced machining and automation solutions. We help turn concepts into action through a co-building formula, based upon fulfilling customer demands through our internal plan-build expertise and advanced technology-driven mechanical and electrical engineering; UL panel building; weld, fabrication capabilities; and precision assembly to keep things on-time and on budget.

With over 150,000 square feet of production space, we are able to efficiently build, test, and prove design solutions for our customers. That along with our capabilities to produce nearly everything in-house empowers us to design, build, deliver, solutions that are reliable, cost-effective, and built to the most stringent customer specifications.

At 1905 Automation we deliver quality, reliable and effective solutions for OEM manufacturers across the globe. When you rely on us for your next automation based project large or small, you can count on our 115 years of experience to keep you up and running by fulfilling all your production demands.